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Welcome to Atarashi high school, where schoolgirls with destructive psychic powers do battle against bloodthirsty ghosts, demon princes stalk the school halls and the only thing worse than losing your soul is letting your grades slip! Panty Explosion Perfect is a brand new edition of the award winning psychic school girl role playing game by Jake Richmond and Matt Schlotte

By Jake Richmond and Matt Schlotte

4-6 players, Teens

* This game is also published under the name Tokyo Brain Pop.

Order now! Just $16.00 for the book or $10 for the PDF

Download the Panty Explosion Student Record Pack (including blank sheets and ready to play Student characters)! Also available in French!

Read the Panty Explosion Perfect instructional manga to quickly learn how to play the game!

46 Responses to “Panty Explosion Perfect”

  1. [...] Panty Explosion Perfect is the long awaited rebuild of our psychic school girl game. We tore the game down to it’s base and built it back up to be something that’s both fresh and new and also familiar. If you’ve played Panty Explosion before you’ll recognize all the old mechanics, re-designed to work better, faster and cleaner! The book is much easier to use and the game is a lot more fun to play! As a bonus the book is stuffed with full color illustrations and manga. Check out the cover art (posted below)! Plus, it’s cheaper than the original version of the game! You can pre-order Panty Explosion Perfect for just $16 at the Cel*Style store! [...]

  2. [...] Panty Explosion Perfect is finally available for pre-order and will be shipping after May 1st. As a bonus and thank you for being so patient (I originally said the book would be available last October) I’ll be including a piece of original art from the game with each order. [...]

  3. [...] Panty Explosion Perfect Illustration: Jake [...]

  4. MadnessFollows said

    Like I’ve posted else where I think Red Dwarf would be a great setting to run PEP in. Now… if I could just get a free character sheet PDF. (hint… hint…)

  5. MadnessFollows said

    So, Jake, what other “I’d Rather Play…” options do you have plans to write-up?

  6. Victor said

    I heard you had a new version of Panty Explosion out from the Yaruki Zero podcast and had to check it out. I really like the artwork you have for the cover and the sheets.

    Sometime in the near future I will need to get my hands on a copy. You planning on being at GenCon this year? I was thinking I could add it to my shopping list while there.

    • Jake said

      Hi Victor! Glad you like the art! We won’t be at Gencon this year unfortunately (although if I can find someone to display our books I’ll let you know), but I will be at PAX, Go Play NW, Kumoricon, and I’m trying to make arrangements for APE, Yaoicon, GeekGirlCon and Rocket City. So maybe I’ll run into you somewhere?

      • Victor said

        If you get someone to sell some of your games at GenCon I’ll get work out on Twitter as well.

        I was tempted by Go Play NW but it doesn’t fit the schedule this year. Maybe next time I’ll catch you there.

        Wooo… More cons I have not heard of. Thanks. I’ll check them out.

      • Jake said

        I’m looking into it right now. If i find someone I’ll post about it.

  7. Stranger said

    This is a completely different style and feeling you went with, compared to the last Panty Explosion, both mechanically and atmosphere wise. I actually don’t know which I like better. They are both appealing to me for different reasons and different kinds of games, I guess.

    • Jake said

      Thanks. They were meant to be pretty different. You can still play and enjoy the original game, and we may be releasing a version that’s closer thematically (although not mechaniclly) to the original some time fairly soon.

  8. [...] by Sbeu on août.16, 2011, under Crobards Cette semaine, j’ai fait des tas de trucs trop cools qui donnent complètement envie d’être moi mais qui ne se racontent pas spécialement bien et sinon, j’ai joué une partie de Panty Explosion Perfect. [...]

  9. zircher said

    In the just for fun category, I convinced the bronies on the Fear the Boot forum that PEP was the game system they should use for their magical pony play by post game. It should be… interesting.


  10. zircher said

    If you ever decide to do any more of those “But I want to play…” posters, I nominate magical ponies as a theme. :-)

  11. [...] Panty Explosion Perfect (commercial) Board-Gamish GM-less play [...]

  12. [...] section. To name just a few of my story gaming friends, Joe made a game called Perfect, Jake made Panty Explosion and G X B, and Ben made Polaris, The Drifter’s Escape, and Clover. And of course, I humbly [...]

  13. Alex J. said

    “worse than loosing your soul”

    You want “losing”.

  14. [...] is a special bundle containing all 5 Atarashi Games books for just $50! Get full versions of Panty Explosion Perfect, G x B, Classroom Deathmatch, Ocean and the brand new B x B bundled together for one low price! [...]

  15. [...] Llama Theater Presents “Panty Explosion Perfect” by Atarashi [...]

  16. Todd Zircher said

    Strange links and replies, perhaps a human should jump in with a better link. :-)

    Porcelain Llama Theater’s part one of our PEP actual play:


  17. zircher said

    Oh hey! I see that part two of the PEP game I ‘supervised’ last year has dropped. I need to crack the whip and have the editor work on the next actual play.

  18. zircher said

    Whip cracked and episode three of Porcelain Llama Theater’s PEP game has dropped.

    The game more or less begins around 12 minutes. in.

  19. […] Panty Explosion is a role-playing game about psychic school girls.  You play a schoolgirl from Atarashi High School with destructive psychic powers who do battle against ghosts, demons, and anything else you come up with.  The game is very flexible allowing you to play things other than schoolgirls and can be used for just about any kind of setting.   The game got a redesign in 2012 and was renamed Panty Explosion Perfect.  The game was created by Jake Richmond and Matt Schlotte for Atarashi games.   It has sold thousands of copies all over the world and translated into multiple languages. […]

  20. […] few months ago we ran a contest to choose a new name for our game Panty Explosion Perfect. There were a lot of great suggestions and we ended up choosing Tokyo Brain Pop (suggested by […]

  21. Reason A Bubble said

    Panty Explosion Perfect! I just want to thank you for tickling my funny bone with the game title. Seriously, hilarious :D

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