An abandoned underwater research station. A nightmarish creature from the depths of the ocean. A trapped group of amnesiac survivors. These are the clues. Solve the mystery. A new survival/mystery story engine from the co-creator of Panty Explosion and Sea Dracula.

- 40 full color pages, illustrated by Jake Richmond.

- GM-free shared narration and story building.

- Simple, easy to learn rules. Perfect for one shot  games.

Buy Ocean. Just $16.00 for the book or $10 for the PDF




- Michael Wight’s Ocean Item Cards: Free PDF File

- Michael Wight’s Ocean Skill Cards: Free PDF File

Errata and rules updates:

- It’s been pointed out that giving a Pistol or Shotgun item to another Survivor can create an infinite Bonus dice loop. Obviously these items weren’t meant to work like that! Only the original owner of these items can gain Bonus dice by giving them away, and they can only do so once.

- On page 32 of the User Manual under the section labeled “Pace” there’s a reference to being able to win the game once you collect 9 bonus dice. this is (obviously) incorrect. You need a minimum of 27 bonus dice to solve all three mysteries and win the game.

15 Responses to “Ocean”

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  3. darfo said

    i really liked this game and there is an actaul play recording of this it on the podcast.

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  8. Antifinity said

    Looks like a fun game, I love the dice economy. There are two questions I need answered before I can play. 1) Where do the extra dice come from when you use skills and/or items? Do they come from your personal supply? From out of play? 2) Near the end, the book says it only takes 9 dice to win the game, but unless you get lucky with items, or skills/items pull dice from outside the game, you need 27 bonus dice to win! 3 per clue, times 3 clues per mystery, times 3 mysteries. That is more bonus dice than you can ever get in a two player game!
    Lastly, I noticed that you could pass the pistol/shotgun in a circle to generate free bonus dice, is that just unrealistic/munchkin, or is there a rule preventing it?

    • Jake said

      I think I answered these questions for you by email already, but…

      1. Dice generated by weapons and skills exist only for that one use. They don’t come from either of your dice pools.

      2. The line about 9 dice is a weird typo. It’s been a few years so I can’t remember exactly what it was supposed to say. You’re right that you need to generate 27 bonus dice to win. that’s hard to do with 3 or less players and fairly doable with 4 or more.

      3. Yes, you can. I didn’t realize this until after the book was in print. As far as I know you’re the first person to mention it. the intent was that items like this can only be passed once.

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