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Koichi  is a new transfer to Atarashi High, eager to make friends but too shy to talk to anyone! What will he do when he becomes the object of affection of the schools three most handsome young rivals? Will he fall for the promising Young Athlete, the superstar Model or the school’s  most popular Teacher’s Assistant?  Guide Koichi through three dates and help him break through his shyness and fall in love for the very first time!

By Jake Richmond and Heather Aplington

4-6 players, Teens

Buy now! Just $10.00 for the book or $5 for the PDF

The worlds first ever yaoi role playing game, featuring easy to learn rules, pre-made character cards and instructional manga!

13 Responses to “B X B (Boy X Boy)”

  1. [...] G X B (Girl X Boy) is a brand new shoujo dating game for 4 players! The game tells the story of a shy freshman named Momoko who is desperate to fall in love but can’t choose between her three crushes. One player plays Momoko and the rest play her suitors, taking her on dates and trying to win her love. This is a dating sim style game with easy to learn light weight rules designed for new role players. Artist Heather Aplington worked with me to create this game, designing Momoko and her friends and drawing the instructional manga included in the book that helps you learn how to play the game! G X B is designed to be played in a single 2-4 hour session and includes 4 pre-made characters and an instruction card for each player. This is a short, fun game about falling in love, and I think you’re going to dig it! You can pre-order G X B at the Cel*Style store for just $10! [...]

  2. [...] promised, here’s a look at the manga sequence from G X B. Heather and I put these pages together specificlly to let new players know what a game of G X B [...]

  3. [...] get the G x B player card pack! This single printable sheet contains player cards covering all four of G x [...]

  4. [...] my first romance-themed roleplaying game ever — Jake Richmond and Heather Aplington’s G X B (Girl X Boy)*, an anime-themed dating roleplaying [...]

  5. [...] G x B (Girl x Boy) creators Jake Richmond and Heather Applington will be teaming up again to create a yaoi version of their popular datingsim role playing game.  Although the game currently has no name, Jake is currently referring to it as S x U (Seme x Uke) and plans to release it in late August or September of this year. [...]

  6. [...] Baker, Ben Lehman, Joel P. Shempert and I talk about Cel*Style games HGMO and G x B (Girl x Boy) over on the forge. Check it out and discover the secret strategy to winning G x B! Like this:LikeBe [...]

  7. [...] this? A brand new G x B play set featuring Jedi? Crazy! Download it [...]

  8. [...] Figtree talks about playing G x B with the students of his high school gaming club. Looks like the game went over especially well [...]

  9. [...] ask to see their Indie Games section. Joe made a game called Perfect, Jake made Panty Explosion and G X B, and Ben made Polaris, The Drifter’s Escape, and Clover, to name just a few of my story [...]

  10. [...] containing all 5 Atarashi Games books for just $50! Get full versions of Panty Explosion Perfect, G x B, Classroom Deathmatch, Ocean and the brand new B x B bundled together for one low price! Save $18! [...]

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