Tokyo Brain Pop = Panty Explosion Perfect!

December 12, 2013

TBP yellow cover

A few months ago we ran a contest to choose a new name for our game Panty Explosion Perfect. There were a lot of great suggestions and we ended up choosing Tokyo Brain Pop (suggested by Michael Sams). Our game takes place in Tokyo and is all about exploding brains using psychic powers, so the name was a perfect fit!

Tokyo Brain Pop is currently available as part of the current Bundle of Holding until December 24th and will be available from the Cel*Style store as a PDF and Book later this month!

What is Tokyo Brain Pop? Welcome to Atarashi high school, where schoolgirls with destructive psychic powers do battle against bloodthirsty ghosts, demon princes stalk the school halls and the only thing worse than losing your soul is letting your grades slip!  

Tokyo Brain Pop is psychic school girl adventure game featuring an all female cast and a focus on shared narration and story building. The unique best Friend/Rival mechanic keeps all players at the table involved in the story! For 4-6 players, Teens and older.

Why the new name? While a lot of people enjoy PEP as it is, over the years lots of other people have told us they just don’t like the name of our game. In some cases it’s kept people from trying the game or sharing it with friends. So now we’ve decided to make the same game available under a different name. Now everyone can have the version of our game that they prefer.

Will there still be a game called Panty Explosion Perfect? Yes! Panty Explosion Perfect will remain  available as booth a PDF and book. Tokyo Brain Pop and Panty Explosion Perfect will exist side by side. The sales information for each game will include the words “This game is also published under the name X”, along with a link to this post.

Why change the name now? Matt and I have resisted the idea of a name change in the past. Both of us like the name Panty Explosion and feel it suits the game well.  At the same time, lots of people have told us that the name really has kept us from trying the game or sharing it with friends. So we’re listening to those people, and now with the name barrier removed we’re hoping everyone can enjoy our psychic school girl game.

13 Responses to “Tokyo Brain Pop = Panty Explosion Perfect!”

  1. Michael Smith said

    Do you have an estimate of when you’ll have more print copies of this game in stock? Either name is fine. I just don’t want to have to buy some stupid e-reader, the design of which I’ll inevitably hate, or be chained to an eyebleeding computervideoscreen. Another bonus would be that my copy wouldn’t disappear with the inevitable collapse of society and the loathsome “human civilization” which feeds the powergrid.

    • Jake said

      I think we’ll have books on hand shortly after the new year. I’ll have a firm date by this weekend.

      • Michael Smith said

        OK. I also saw it on Amazon, which can be a handy way to buy tangible things online. On the other hand, Amazon’s fucking evil. Just look at their fulfillment centers. I first found out because a box of orgeat bottles from a marketplace seller was smashed and dripping on our doorstep. It was fulfilled by Amazon. There was nothing done to protect the bottles. But I can’t blame the employees at the fulfillment centers. There’s not much done to protect them, either. From various sources: “Amazon workers are turned into ‘human robots’ and guaranteed little-to-no job security… endlessly looping back and forth… n complete silence, except for the sound of their feet. The atmosphere is so quiet that workers can be fired for even talking to one another.”
        “In contrast, Amazon has placed life-sized cutouts of happy employees with speech bubbles that read, ‘This is the best job I ever had!'”
        “Amazon utilizes a system known as ‘chaotic storage,’ where products are essentially shelved at random but are tagged with barcodes to be scanned at every step of the ordering, selection and shipping process.”
        So how well does chaotic storage work? Not very.
        “An Amazon representative admitted that the company was having difficulty keeping its inventory distinguished from the merchandise that it warehouses and ships for its third-party sellers.”

      • Jake said

        Yeah. I can’t say I’m thrilled with Amazon. You can buy the game there, but… well, my preference is always to sell direct.

  2. apsolian said

    So will the only difference between Tokyo Brain Pop and Panty Explosion Perfect be the name?

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  5. hrdcr said

    >pandering to casuals

  6. Dave M said

    I have never voiced it out of respect for your design process. But I know that the only reason my group hasn’t tried this game is because of the name. I knew it was not a game about panties in any way, but its hard to convince players with that name on the tin.

    Good luck!

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  8. […] * This game is also published under the name Panty Explosion Perfect […]

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