Panty Explosion back in print soon… with a new name!

September 25, 2013

Panty ExplosionVS

Panty Explosion Perfect will soon be back in print for the first time since late 2012. We’re also doing something new. We’ll be printing a second run of books (and issuing a PDF) with the EXACT SAME CONTENT as Panty Explosion Perfect, but a different title.

Why? While a lot of people enjoy PEP as it is, over the years lots of other people have complained about the name of our game. So now we’ve decided to make the same game available under a different name. With this barrier removed, everyone can have the version of our game that they prefer.

So we’re going to have this contest.  From now until October 8th, 2013 we’re asking fans to suggest new names for Panty Explosion Perfect. Matt and I will pick our favorite and use it as the title for the new book!

What can I win? Besides getting to choose the title for the new book, your name will also appear in the book’s credit page. We’ll send you a signed copy of the book, as well as an original illustration featuring the school girl characters from the game!

How do I enter? Just post a comment including your suggested name here. If more than one person suggests the same name the honor will go to whoever suggested it first!

Will there still be a game called Panty Explosion Perfect? Yes! Panty Explosion Perfect will remain in print. This new version of the game will exist side by side with it and will be identical except for the name.

Why change the name now? Matt and I have resisted the idea of a name change in the past. Both of us like the name Panty Explosion and feel it suits the game well. It also bothered us that so many people felt that no one would play the game without a name change, or that a name change was needed if we ever wanted to sell any copies of the game at all. But after 7 years, with thousands of copies of Panty Explosion sold all over the world and the game translated into multiple languages Matt and I just don’t feel like we have anything else to prove. Over the years hundreds of people have told us that they’d never play our game because of the name, but if we changed the name they’d buy it in a minute. So we’re listening to those people, and now that last barrier is about to be removed. We’re hoping a whole new group of gamers can finally enjoy our psychic school girl game!

- Jake

39 Responses to “Panty Explosion back in print soon… with a new name!”

  1. All right, after running a number of these games at cons (yeah, plural) and having an interesting time getting people in the door to a system that is probably one of my favorite out there, as much as I like the name, I can respect the need for a rebranding.

    That said, here are a few sample (off the top of my head) ideas.

    A) Psychic Schoolgirl Showdown
    B) High School Heresy (in keeping with the Demon use and themes)
    C) Homeroom Hyjinx (or however it’s spelled…)

    Either way, I just want you guys to know that I love the game, I will run it until my book disintegrates, and love just how incredibly modular it can be.

    In fact, I’m running an Archer (the FX animated show) variant where the “psychic” trait will simply be “are you a cyborg”, and I’m looking forward to seeing that work out.

  2. Sam Garamy said

    Atarashi Daioh: Esper Edition

  3. Weyoun said

    BreakRoom Bedlam

  4. glucifer said

    The not-so-secret-psychic girls of Atarashi High
    Undergarment Detonation Flawless
    Super high-school girl psychic battle spectacular: The Game

  5. Ah, glucifer beat me to PEP, that’s what I’ve been calling it for years. :-)

    Some other choices…

    Panty Explosion Perfect Plus
    The Game Formerly Known as Panty Explosion Perfect
    This is (strike out)Not(end strike out) Panty Explosion Perfect
    Brown Skin, Brown Paper (with matching paper bag cover)
    Girl Explosion Role Playing System (pronounced GERPS)
    Atarashi Daze
    Anime Hearts
    Haunted High
    Anime Action Adventures
    Girl Trouble
    Atarashi Occult Club
    Big Trouble in Little Skirts

    Some of these are for fun and giggles, of course. Even if I don’t win, I hope I can put a smile on your face this morning.


  6. Psychic Shoujo Showdown

    Friends, Rivals, and Monsters

    Shoujo School Bell Horror

    Homework, Psychics, and Monsters (HPM)

    Teenage Psychic Shoujo Drama

  7. Psychic Schoolgirl Showdown

  8. Psychic Explosion Perfect (makes it more obvious it’s the same game under a different name for those who said the name was their only objection).

  9. I really like “Esper” in the name.

    PX Esper High

    • Not so keen on Esper as it makes me think of Phantasy Star and Final Fantasy for some reason. Nothing bad about that, but Jake’s already got those games and themes covered with Magical Land of Yeld.

  10. PEP Squad: Perfect!
    PEP Squad: Gaiden

  11. Also: How about just plain old “Atarashi High” or “Atarashi Showdown”

  12. Sam Chupp said

    Brilliant Pink, Absolute Ochre
    MagiGirl Stories
    Overly Amazing Doujin (OAD)
    Clever Keys In Impossible Locks

  13. Love this game, would love to see a new title! I agree that one that clearly references the old title would be best, so as to clue people in that it is the same game. My suggestions:

    Psychic Extreme
    Puella Exorcist
    Paranormal Explosion

    Or some combo of the above :)

  14. Johnstone said

    Demon School.

    Attack of the Demon Brains.

  15. Skirt
    (both a noun and a verb)

  16. Stalking the Psych Fantastic
    Growth Spurts and Baneful Beasts
    Mood Swings and Psychic Powers

  17. jiayaik said

    Head of the Class
    Mini Skirts, Big Brains
    Mindreader High
    Pantsu Bang!
    Sailor Fuku Dynamite

  18. MattS said

    I am really enjoying the names. Keep them coming, please. Its also pleasant to see the game continuing to be enjoyed.

    Thank you to those who have demoed our game despite its name, the looks its garnered you (along with the looks when you explain that the players play as Japanese high school girls), to those of you who have played PEP and in general thank you for being the great fans and supporters that you are.

  19. […] enter, post your name and suggest on the comment for the contests post here.  Duplicate suggestions will go to the first person to suggest it.  Suggestions are already […]

  20. CliffR said

    The Totally Renamed Schoolgirl Game

    More seriously I always liked Panty Explosion as a title because it conjures images of anime series with similarly bizarre (and often meaningless) titles. In that spirit I suggest:

    Project Explode: R

    (The “R” is for “Renamed” – wink)

  21. Andrew said

    “Psychic Schoolgirl Django Zero, Can You Do No Less?”

  22. Possessed said

    “Psychic sitting at the back of the classroom” as a rather obvious reference to an anime that brought PEP to mind as I watched it.

  23. Little Girls At High School: What You Don’t Know
    Little Known Truths About Teenage Girls
    The Dark Side Of Young Women
    The Psychic Adventures Of Little Women
    The Secret Psychic Life Of High School Girls
    What Your Mother DIdn’t Tell You About High School
    Psychogenic Destinies And Homework

  24. glucifer said

    Japanese High School Girls: The Exploding Psychic Edition
    The Seeming Ordinary Girls of Atarashi High
    That Other Psychic School Girl Game
    Atarashi High PEP Squad
    Welcome to Atarashi High: You’re Not A Demon Are You?
    All Out Psychic School Girl Battle Royale

  25. The secret lives of Japanese high school girls

    Of High Schoolers and Monsters

    Friends, Enemies, and Monsters

    Damsels and Distress

    The psychic among us

    Third eye High Schooler

  26. heylaughingboy said

    Psionic Menstrual Under Garment Combustion…


    “Psi-school Girls”

  27. Hyde said

    More like, “atarashikunai” amirite?
    … actually if the game was about ninjas, that’d be genius.

    Hmm… Girls… mystical powers… fighting…

    …Shoujo Mojo Dojo.

  28. Hyde said

    Mojo Shoujo Dojo sounds better. let’s go with that.

  29. Prefecture G: Esper High School

    Prefecture K: Girls’ High School

    Second Sight High School

    Prefectural Top Class:
    All-Girls Esper High School


  30. Friendship no Hibi (Friendship Days)

    Ultimate Academy for Girls

    Psychic Joshiko no Nichijo (Day in the life of a Psychic School for Girls)

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