Panty Explosion question!

August 1, 2013


Every now and then I get a question about Panty Explosion. I don’t know why I’ve never posted them before. Anyway, here’s a good one!

Q: When a Student wants to apply one of their Details to a roll, do they have to announce that they are going use the Detail before they actually roll the dice, or can they choose to apply it to a roll after rolling the dice (for example, if they miss their success by just one, and thus want to use an applicable Detail to turn a failed roll into a successful roll)?


A: The book doesn’t have an answer to your question, and really either way is just fine. However, my preference is always that Student declare that they’ll be using their detail before they make the roll. The reason for this is that the detail should influence their action and the description of what they’re doing. The Detail “I survived the fire that killed my family” will certainly come in handy any time the Student is in a fire (or possibly in a life threatening situation), but their reaction to the situation, the action they choose to take and the way hey describe it, will probably be very different depending on whether they call on their Detail. Evoking a Detail should carry some weight. If the Student is using her memory of the fire that killed her family to get through the current challenge, that should have some effect on how she approaches the conflict and what she decides to do. Of course, that’s also fuel for her Best Friend or Rival’s descriptions!

2 Responses to “Panty Explosion question!”

  1. Andrew said

    Any chance of getting more of the “Japanese school girls are weird! I’d rather play Xxxxx” series? I spend probably an unhealthy amount of time thinking about how to hammer PE into other settings…. Werewolf the Apocalypse, Neon Genesis, etc.

  2. Jake said

    Yes! There will be more of those coming… I don’t know when. Soon?

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