Atarashi Games now available as PDFs!

November 18, 2012

The full line of Atarashi Games, including Panty Explosion Perfect, G x B, Ocean, Classroom Deathmatch, B x B and Panty Explosion Classic are now available for sale as PDF files from the Cel*Stye store.

This new line of PDF files includes Panty Explosion Classic, a re-release of the original 2006 version of the game.

As I’ve said before, I hadn’t really wanted to release PEP, GxB and the other games as PDF files because they really are meant to be held in hand and available at the game table for everyone. What’s changed is that 2 years later everyone has pads and smart phones!

- Jake Richmond

3 Responses to “Atarashi Games now available as PDFs!”

  1. I looooove you!! I really hope this new exposure will lead to some new sales and coverage of this amazing game. I for one will be buying my copy by the end of the week. Thank You and as always, you guys are awesome!

  2. [...] nyheter för en Panty Explosion-fanboy som mig: Atarashi Games har gjort hela sitt utbud av spel tillgängligt att köpa  som pdf. Det gäller både nya och gamla versionen av Panty Explosion, de små dating sim-inspirerade [...]

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