I’m happy to announce that B x B (Boy x Boy), our new yaoi dating sim rpg, is finally available for pre-order! B x B will ship at the beginning of the new year, but you can pre-order it now!

“Koichi  is a new transfer to Atarashi High, eager to make friends but too shy to talk to anyone! What will he do when he becomes the object of affection of the schools three most handsome young rivals? Will he fall for the promising Young Athlete, the superstar Model or the school’s  most popular Teacher’s Assistant?  Guide Koichi through three dates and help him break through his shyness and fall in love for the very first time!”

G x B (Girl x Boy) creators Jake Richmond and Heather Aplington return with an all new yaoi tabletop role playing game  for 4 or more players!

- Specificlly designed for first time players!
- 4 ready to play characters, making getting started super easy!
- Dating sim style play, including love confessions, dialogue choices and more!
- Includes special instructional manga pages that help teach you how to play!
- Bonus instruction cards for for each player!
- Full color illustrations and manga by artist Heather Aplington!
- Special bonus scenario featuring 4 new characters!
- Guidelines for creating your own characters and play set!
- Perfect for 4 or more players!
- 28 full color pages.
Pre-order now for just $10!
Also available: The Atarashi Games Library is a special bundle containing all 5 Atarashi Games books for just $50! Get full versions of Panty Explosion Perfect, G x B, Classroom Deathmatch, Ocean and the brand new B x B bundled together for one low price! Save $18!
Order now! Just $50!
This special bundle is only available until the end of 2012, so order now! Note, because B x B is a pre-order item we won’t be shipping the bundle until it’s available (after the 1st of January, 2012).

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