So would you like to see muppets play Panty Explosion? Dungeon Crawlers is a youtube series about a role playing group with the Grim Reaper as the DM, and they’re all puppets. It’s pretty nuts in pretty much teh best way possible! Episode 5 is all about the group trying to play Panty Explosion, and it’s great! This is the best thing I’ve seen this month! Thanks so much Karl Custer for being such a great PE supporter!

Unused Tokyo Brain Pop art

December 30, 2013

I was going through my files today and found some art for Tokyo Brain Pop that never got used. I guess I ended up with way more art than I had room for in the book!







Get both the pdf and book versions of Tokyo Brain Pop and save $3! Available at the Cel*Style store!

TBP Book and PDF

Something strange is happening at my school. My teacher is acting like she’s been possessed. The entire swim team has gone missing. There’s some kind of monster hiding in the locker room. There’s even an unauthorized club that meets after school to hunt demons! And… I don’t know if I can keep this a secret much longer… I think I may have psychic powers!”

TBP blue cover

Welcome to Atarashi high school, where schoolgirls with destructive psychic powers do battle against bloodthirsty ghosts, demon princes stalk the school halls and the only thing worse than losing your soul is letting your grades slip! 

Tokyo Brain Pop is a psychic school girl adventure RPG set at Atarashi high school, a strange and mysterious academy for girls with unusual powers and difficult lives! Tokyo Brain Pop is a rule-light role playing game with a focus on shared narration and story building!


- Describe your Best Friend’s triumphs and your Rival’s failures as you drive the story forward using simple and engaging narration rules!

- Kick Demon ass with the sword that houses the soul of your murdered step-mother, struggle to control your unstable psychic powers or unleash your murderous fury on the boy who dared to reject your love confession! Details, Goals and Psychic Powers let you bring plenty of anime flavor to your games!

Yumi sample

- Suffer the emotional trauma of Japanese high school with rules for Popularity, Best Friends and Rivals and plenty of opportunity for betrayal and humiliation!


- Includes special instructional manga pages that help teach you how to play!


-  Tons of information on demons and monster, the daily life of students and the dreaded Japanese educational system!


- Packed full of color illustrations and manga!

- For 4-6 players, for Teens and older

- 52 full color pages

Order now! Just $16.00 for the book or $10 for the PDF (Books will ship after Jan 1st)

* This game is also published under the name Panty Explosion Perfect

Tokyo Brain Pop is now available as part of the Bundle of Holding’s Super Asian Bundle Blast!

The Bundle of Holding offers excellent role laying game pdfs bundled together at incredible prices. This current bundle includes a whole bunch of my favorite games: Maid, Mecha, Golden Sky Stories, Magicians, Motobushido, Clover (and the Clover Holiday Special), Monkey and Anima Prime. Plus Tokyo Brain Pop. That’s over $100 of excellent games. The bundle uses “pay what you want” pricing, with a minimum of about $15 if you want to get all the bonus games (TBP is a bonus game). So this bundle is a fantastically good deal and makes a great gift!

The Super Asian Bundle Blast will be available until December 24th. Tokyo Brain Pop will be available separately in pdf and book form late this month.

TBP yellow cover

A few months ago we ran a contest to choose a new name for our game Panty Explosion Perfect. There were a lot of great suggestions and we ended up choosing Tokyo Brain Pop (suggested by Michael Sams). Our game takes place in Tokyo and is all about exploding brains using psychic powers, so the name was a perfect fit!

Tokyo Brain Pop is currently available as part of the current Bundle of Holding until December 24th and will be available from the Cel*Style store as a PDF and Book later this month!

What is Tokyo Brain Pop? Welcome to Atarashi high school, where schoolgirls with destructive psychic powers do battle against bloodthirsty ghosts, demon princes stalk the school halls and the only thing worse than losing your soul is letting your grades slip!  

Tokyo Brain Pop is psychic school girl adventure game featuring an all female cast and a focus on shared narration and story building. The unique best Friend/Rival mechanic keeps all players at the table involved in the story! For 4-6 players, Teens and older.

Why the new name? While a lot of people enjoy PEP as it is, over the years lots of other people have told us they just don’t like the name of our game. In some cases it’s kept people from trying the game or sharing it with friends. So now we’ve decided to make the same game available under a different name. Now everyone can have the version of our game that they prefer.

Will there still be a game called Panty Explosion Perfect? Yes! Panty Explosion Perfect will remain  available as booth a PDF and book. Tokyo Brain Pop and Panty Explosion Perfect will exist side by side. The sales information for each game will include the words “This game is also published under the name X”, along with a link to this post.

Why change the name now? Matt and I have resisted the idea of a name change in the past. Both of us like the name Panty Explosion and feel it suits the game well.  At the same time, lots of people have told us that the name really has kept us from trying the game or sharing it with friends. So we’re listening to those people, and now with the name barrier removed we’re hoping everyone can enjoy our psychic school girl game.



Richard Williams posted a fantastic GxB (Girl X Boy) replay, along with this great intro video for the game! For those of you who don’t know, a replay is a transcript of a live game session, complete with commentary from the players. If you’ve been wondering about GxB, or if you’ve already a fan of the game and want to see how other people play Momoko, Ichigo and the rest, you should really check out this video and replay!

And of course you can buy GxB as a PDF or book!

Ocean 2

This week Bundle of Holding is offering the Bundle of Nerves, a collection of horror, suspense and mystery themed role playing games including Murderous Ghosts, Don’t Rest Your Head, Dread, Kingdom of Nothing and more. Over the week more games have been added, and today my survival/mystery game Ocean joins the bundle!

Bundle of Nerves is a stupidly fantastic deal. Pay what you want (with a minimum of about $8) for the core games in the set. If you pay more than the current average ( which right now is about $15) you’ll also get the bonus games, including Ocean! This is a fantastic deal! Seriously, it’s almost 100 bucks worth of games! The Bundle of Nerves is only available for 2 more days, and the average price is bound to increase, so get yours now!

If you haven’t tried Ocean yet I’d really urge you to pick it up in this bundle. I’ve said before that I think Ocean is the best game I’ve ever made, and it’s been responsible for several of the best game sessions I’ve ever had. If you like games that involve a lot of cooperative narration and encourage creative story telling, if you like games that are tense and full of mystery and most especially if you like survival horror video games or movies like The Abyss, Aliens and Pandorum you’ll really dig Ocean!

- Jake


New stuff on the Ocean page!

- My friend Michael Wight made some fantastic Item and Skill cards for Ocean. You can download the PDF files and print them yourself. They look slick.

- I’ve also posted some errata addressing the two most commonly asked questions about Ocean.

Panty ExplosionVS

Panty Explosion Perfect will soon be back in print for the first time since late 2012. We’re also doing something new. We’ll be printing a second run of books (and issuing a PDF) with the EXACT SAME CONTENT as Panty Explosion Perfect, but a different title.

Why? While a lot of people enjoy PEP as it is, over the years lots of other people have complained about the name of our game. So now we’ve decided to make the same game available under a different name. With this barrier removed, everyone can have the version of our game that they prefer.

So we’re going to have this contest.  From now until October 8th, 2013 we’re asking fans to suggest new names for Panty Explosion Perfect. Matt and I will pick our favorite and use it as the title for the new book!

What can I win? Besides getting to choose the title for the new book, your name will also appear in the book’s credit page. We’ll send you a signed copy of the book, as well as an original illustration featuring the school girl characters from the game!

How do I enter? Just post a comment including your suggested name here. If more than one person suggests the same name the honor will go to whoever suggested it first!

Will there still be a game called Panty Explosion Perfect? Yes! Panty Explosion Perfect will remain in print. This new version of the game will exist side by side with it and will be identical except for the name.

Why change the name now? Matt and I have resisted the idea of a name change in the past. Both of us like the name Panty Explosion and feel it suits the game well. It also bothered us that so many people felt that no one would play the game without a name change, or that a name change was needed if we ever wanted to sell any copies of the game at all. But after 7 years, with thousands of copies of Panty Explosion sold all over the world and the game translated into multiple languages Matt and I just don’t feel like we have anything else to prove. Over the years hundreds of people have told us that they’d never play our game because of the name, but if we changed the name they’d buy it in a minute. So we’re listening to those people, and now that last barrier is about to be removed. We’re hoping a whole new group of gamers can finally enjoy our psychic school girl game!

- Jake

Check back soon!

September 17, 2013



We have a big Panty Explosion announcement coming next week. Check back soon!


Panty Explosion question!

August 1, 2013


Every now and then I get a question about Panty Explosion. I don’t know why I’ve never posted them before. Anyway, here’s a good one!

Q: When a Student wants to apply one of their Details to a roll, do they have to announce that they are going use the Detail before they actually roll the dice, or can they choose to apply it to a roll after rolling the dice (for example, if they miss their success by just one, and thus want to use an applicable Detail to turn a failed roll into a successful roll)?


A: The book doesn’t have an answer to your question, and really either way is just fine. However, my preference is always that Student declare that they’ll be using their detail before they make the roll. The reason for this is that the detail should influence their action and the description of what they’re doing. The Detail “I survived the fire that killed my family” will certainly come in handy any time the Student is in a fire (or possibly in a life threatening situation), but their reaction to the situation, the action they choose to take and the way hey describe it, will probably be very different depending on whether they call on their Detail. Evoking a Detail should carry some weight. If the Student is using her memory of the fire that killed her family to get through the current challenge, that should have some effect on how she approaches the conflict and what she decides to do. Of course, that’s also fuel for her Best Friend or Rival’s descriptions!

Here’s a look at some of Heather Aplington’s designs for our new shoujo diary game! Don’t expect to see the finished game super soon though!

Diary Game preview


G x B replay!

May 22, 2013

Richard Williams posted this fantastic G x B replay over at It’s funny, well written and super informative. One of the best looks at how to play Girl X Boy and how the game works that I’ve seen!

Dorkadia reviews Ocean.

April 3, 2013


Every now and then someone finds a copy of Ocean and decided to write a blog post, review or something about it. For a 4 year old game that almost no one bought or played  it certainly manages to attract a surprising amount of attention! Anyway, Dorkadia gave it a try and the review is pretty nice. Check it out here. Oh, and we even still have some copies of the book for sale (and the pdf as well).

The final Magical Land of Yeld playtest PDF is now available for download. This is an unedited, un-proofed, art-free version of the game Nick and I have been working on for awhile now, based on my comic Modest Medusa!

Download the PDF here!

Check out the Yeld playtest forum here!

Jake at Sakuracon!

March 21, 2013

I’ll be at Sakuracon in Seattle this year at the Cel*Style booth (booth SP04), along with Nick Smith and maybe (cross your fingers) Matt Schlotte! We’ll have the whole Atarashi Games library available for sale and will be running games all weekend in the gaming room. My brand new thing this year is the new Magical Land of Yeld Whitebook, a full printed play test document. Nick and I are planning to release the game later this year (finally), so this will be the last playtest document release before that happens.

We’ll also have copies of Hot Guys Making Out by Ben Lehman, G x G (the all girl hack of G x B) by Michael Wight, Ewen Cluney’s new role playing game book Yaruki Zero and copies of both of my Modest Medusa books. We’re short on printed copies of Panty Explosion Perfect this year, so if you want one please get to the booth early!


The Cel*Style store is offering a special coupon for $5 off any PDF purchase of $20 or more. This is a great way to pick up G x B, Ocean, B x B, Panty Explosion or any other Atarashi or Cel*Style game! The coupon code is DECPDF. The sale runs through the end of December! Visit the store here!


Italian G x B is a big hit!

November 20, 2012

Italian players got their hands on the recently translated G x B earlier this month at the Lucca Games Convention. It seems like the reaction was super positive. Check out this discussion thread and this actual play thread from Italian forum GCG to see what players think!


The full line of Atarashi Games, including Panty Explosion Perfect, G x B, Ocean, Classroom Deathmatch, B x B and Panty Explosion Classic are now available for sale as PDF files from the Cel*Stye store.

This new line of PDF files includes Panty Explosion Classic, a re-release of the original 2006 version of the game.

As I’ve said before, I hadn’t really wanted to release PEP, GxB and the other games as PDF files because they really are meant to be held in hand and available at the game table for everyone. What’s changed is that 2 years later everyone has pads and smart phones!

- Jake Richmond


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